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About The Ethics Centre:

The Ethics Centre is an independent charity which exists to bring ethics to the centre of everyday personal and professional life. Based in Sydney Australia, we’ve given people safe spaces to think through ethical questions for over 25 years. We like talking about tough stuff, helping people struggling with dilemmas and failures, and building strong foundations in people and organizations around the world.

About Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs:

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is a forum for the world's leading thinkers, experts, and decision makers. The mission of the Council is to enlarge the audience for the simple but powerful message that ethics matter, regardless of place, origin, or belief.

Since its founding by Andrew Carnegie in 1914, the Council has been one of the world's top creators of nonpartisan educational resources on international ethics used by professionals, journalists, educators, students, and the greater public.

About Bard Globalization and International Affairs Program:

The Bard Globalization and International Affairs program (BGIA) brings students from across the world to study in New York City and to intern in organizations that match their experience and aspirations. Its faculty are leading scholar-practitioners and program events regularly convene some of the most important and compelling thinkers in international affairs.  BGIA is part of Bard College, an institution that acts at the intersection of education and civil society.

Through its undergraduate college, its distinctive graduate programs, its commitment to the fine and performing arts, and its network of international dual-degree partnerships, early colleges, prison education initiatives, and public engagement programs, Bard offers unique opportunities for students and faculty to study, experience, and realize the principle that higher-education institutions can and should operate in the public interest.

About Advance

Advance is a non-profit built on a public-private partnership model with a community that spans over 90 countries. Advance has outposts in New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, France and London.

Together with the Australian government and the private sector, we work on behalf of Australia to turn the one million Australians abroad into a powerful knowledge network and resource. Vital financial support is provided by federal and select state governments, donors and corporate partners who share in our vision that Australian talent is our greatest export and our most dynamic resource.

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